Emigreen® for integrated emission control solutions

About us

Emigreen® was founded to provide innovative and sustainable exhaust emission reduction solutions for combustion engines.

Our vision

Emigreen® continually strives to:

  • Develop the organisation
  • Innovate through research & development
  • Achieve the status of preferred supplier

Our ambition is to become and remain a leading supplier of high-end exhaust after treatment solutions for combustion engines.

Emigreen® is performance

All Emigreen® solutions are highly efficient and effective, irrespective of whether they are designed to eliminate carbon particles, NOx or sound. They employ state-of-the-art technology to achieve the very best results. However, they also consider emission control as a link in the chain, ensuring that the delivered solution is not a detriment to the system as a whole.

Emigreen® is controllability

Emigreen® solutions are proactive. They monitor the system operation and intervene when required. Here as well, an Emigreen® control system is designed to meet the customer’s requirements, the customer does not need to change to meet the requirements of an Emigreen® solution.

Emigreen® is partnership

To ensure the reliability, controllability and performance of an emission control solution, that functions as part of a complete system, requires more than just an isolated effort. Emigreen® sees its customers, suppliers and subcontractors as partners who work together to create the eventual solution. Of course, each partner contributes its own expertise to the project, ensuring that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Working closely together requires trust and the confidence that each partner will perform as required, clearly and transparently. Emigreen® has shown by the projects in which it has participated that it is seen as a reliable partner. Emigreen® also enters into strategic alliances to ensure that it remains at the cutting edge of emission technology.

Emigreen® is reliability

Reliability is essential for Emigreen® solutions, which are often mobile. A failed emission control system can, for instance, result in an expensive luxury yacht bobbing around in the sea like a cork or massive traffic jams if a ferry breaks down. Therefore, Emigreen® engineers reliability into all of its solutions. Reliability means more than just the reliability of individual components. Providing early warning of a potentially failing component, building in redundancy and predicting service requirements are also aspects of the reliability embedded in an Emigreen® integrated emission control solution.

Emigreen® is the link between science and the market

Solutions that seem to work in the laboratory often identify unthought of challenges in reality. Therefore, Emigreen® commercialises scientific discoveries to employ them in its own state-of-the-art solutions.

Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done Robert A. Heinlein

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