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At Emigreen® we specialise in solutions. And we stand out from the crowd in this respect. Rather than promoting particular products, we develop integrated emission control solutions in response to customer requirements. To ensure compliance with regulations, to stop soot dirtying the deck of a luxury yacht, to devise a solution that will fit in a confined space. The requirements are many and varied but whatever the requirement, the Emigreen® solution is always highly reliable, fully controllable and impressively efficient.

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IMO Tier III – or how IMO reduces the environmental impact of ships

IMO stands for International Maritime Organisation. IMO Tier III emission standards are an international set of standards designed to improve air quality and protect public health by controlling emissions from ships. Tier III emission standards are the latest emission standards set by IMO to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. These regulations were adopted as part […]

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The inner workings of the Emigreen® DPF

The Emigreen® DPF combines a powerful performance with easy maintenance and safe working. A properly maintained Emigreen® DPF guarantees continuous engine operation with no visible exhaust fumes trailing from the vessel or lingering in the water. Proper maintenance without interferance Ideally, the essential work of ensuring that all systems on board are properly maintained should […]

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a soot filter for ships

Soot filters for ships – how diesel particulate filters (DPF) work

A soot filter for ships removes soot from exhaust gases as they leave the exhaust pipe. A soot filter helps keep the deck and the water around the ship cleaner because the soot remains trapped in the filter. In this article we explain how soot filters for ships work. Regenerating the filter Soot particles in […]

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