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Emigreen® produces solutions, not products. Integrated emission control solutions driven by the customer’s requirements. This is where Emigreen® stands out from the crowd; it is the customer’s requirements that dictate the solution, not the products from any particular supplier. Customer requirements are many and varied, ranging from the need to meet statutory regulations, through the need to stop soot blemishing the brilliant white deck of a luxury yacht to the need to fit the solution into an awkward space. However, whatever the requirement, the Emigreen® solution is always highly reliable, highly controllable and highly efficient.

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The umpteen benefits of an SCR system (for ships)

The Emigreen® MINOx SCR system reduces NOx emissions produced by marine diesel engines to below IMO Tier III limits. In fact, to some extent the system can be configured to exceed international maritime standards to meet specific local requirements.  Emigreen® specialises in built-in SCR unit installation in small spaces The Emigreen® SCR system is more […]

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All one needs to know regarding Selective Catalytic Reduction

All one needs to know regarding Selective Catalytic Reduction

A compendium of frequently asked questions about Selective Catalytic Reduction systems for marine diesel engines.

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A comprehensive guide to exhaust gas aftertreatment systems for marine diesel engines

An exhaust aftertreatment system cleans the exhaust gases produced by marine diesel engines. This reduces nitrogen oxide emissions and soot particles in the ambient air surrounding the ship and on board. Emigreen®’s modern exhaust gas aftertreatment systems typically consist of three components: a diesel particulate filter (DPF), a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) unit and an […]

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Emigreen® is Performance

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