black fumes

The lingering memory of black exhaust fumes trailing behind a pristine superyacht

5 februari 2021

You can just picture it. A brand new superyacht embarking on its maiden voyage. Champagne still sparkling on the bow as it sets sail to its first destination, probably some idyllic island in the Caribbean. The yacht slides into the water and starts moving away from its native shores. But as it slowly disappears from […]

scr filter in confined space

Making the impossible possible (or how to fit an aftertreatment-system in a confined space)

5 januari 2021

The engine room of a superyacht is a notoriously crammed space: just big enough to house all essentials. So retrofitting a ship with an exhaust gas aftertreatment system (such as a DPF or an SCR) seems like a physically impossible task. Nevertheless, we always succeed in making the impossible very possible indeed. At Emigreen® we […]