scr system for ships

The umpteen benefits of an SCR system (for ships)


Emigreen®’s MINOx SCR system reduces NOx emissions produced by marine diesel engines to below IMO Tier III limits and can be configured to exceed international maritime standards to meet specific local requirements. The system is easy to maintain by the crew and can be installed in new ships and as retrofit. An SCR system significantly reduces nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel combustion engines, which are ultimately detrimental to human, animal, and plant health. Emigreen®’s SCR system is more compact than the alternatives and can be cleverly tailored to make the best use of available space, and it can also be installed as a retrofit, even in small spaces.

urea scr nox control

Why urea injection is the preferred method for NOx control


Urea is used in the SCR system to reduce NOx pollutants in the exhaust gases from diesel engines. A SCR system with urea is an efficient method of NOx reduction due to its durability and compliance with most commercial vessels.