Achieving the impossible – installing aftertreatment systems in impossibly small spaces


scr filter in confined space

A superyacht might be impressively spacious, but engine rooms are almost always cramped and only just big enough to house the essentials. Retrofitting an exhaust aftertreatment system (such as a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) unit) often seems physically impossible. However, at Emigreen® we pride ourselves on our ability to achieve the impossible.

At Emigreen® we configure our systems to fit the dimensions of the available space. In this article we explain how we achieve this

1: Compact custom design

custom made emigreen system

Our DPF and SCR systems can be custom engineered so they are compact enough to fit into tight engine room spaces. Height, width, and depth can all be adapted to the surrounding surfaces.

A DPF system is usually slightly larger than the existing silencer. Yet, with only minor adjustments to the area around the unit, we are able to install a DPF system in even the most cramped of spaces.

2:  Integral silencing

One of the ways we do this is by removing the existing silencer. Since Emigreen® DPF systems are also designed to reduce engine noise, they effectively serve a dual purpose. This eliminates the need for a separate silencer and gives us more space to work with when retrofitting a DPF system.

3: Dimensional adjustment

made to fit scr

Standard housing is usually square or rectangular. If a ship is still on the drawing board, the designer can allow for the installation of an aftertreatment system. But once the engine room is up and running, we have to work with the space available.

Where space is limited, we adapt the dimensions of our DPF system to the surrounding surfaces.

Without reducing exhaust gas flow or noise attenuation, we adapt the height and width of the DPF system so it is compact enough to fit within the space available. This makes it possible to install a DPF and/or SCR system where it might have seemed impossible.

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