Making the impossible possible (or how to fit an aftertreatment-system in a confined space)


scr filter in confined space

The engine room of a superyacht is a notoriously crammed space: just big enough to house all essentials. So retrofitting a ship with an exhaust gas aftertreatment system (such as a DPF or an SCR) seems like a physically impossible task. Nevertheless, we always succeed in making the impossible very possible indeed.

At Emigreen® we specialize in adapting our system designs to the available space, using several techniques and innovations. And this is how we do it.

1: The custom made compact Emigreen®-system

custom made emigreen system

Our DPF-systems and SCR-systems are custom made to fit the engine room of the desired yacht. Height, width, and depth: they are all adapted for the system to fit into the existing space.

The DPF-system usually is only a fraction larger than the existing silencer. Nevertheless, we have proven to be able to fit them in the most cramped spaces with minor adaptions to the area round the unit.

2: Eliminating the need for a silencer

One of the ways we can achieve this, is by removing the existing silencer from the ship’s engine room. Our system is designed to act as a silencer as well, eliminating the need for a separate unit (without compromising the audible noise from the engine room).

The result gives us more space to work with when retrofitting a ship with a DPF-system.

What does not fit, can be adapted

made to fit scr

A standard housing is usually square or rectangular. When a ship’s design is still on the drawing board, it is less difficult to reserve enough space for an aftertreatment system.

However (and obviously) this is impossible when the engine room is already build and in use.

So instead of adapting the space to the aftertreatment-system, we make our DPF-system fit its surroundings.

Without compromising the exhaust gas flow of the engines (or the sound attenuating properties) we can adapt the height and the width of the DPF-system to its surroundings, making the installation of a DPF- or SCR-system feasible where it seemed impossible.

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