Can my crew service the Emigreen® DPF at any given time?


service dpf any given time

The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) of Emigreen® can be serviced by the crew at any time, providing a convenient solution for maintenance.

One consideration to keep in mind is the potential heat generated by the DPF during operation. Therefore, it is advisable to switch off the engine before commencing the servicing process. It is crucial to allow sufficient time for the DPF to cool down adequately, which typically takes several hours.

The duration of cooling largely depends on the size and complexity of the system in question, ensuring that the components are at an optimal temperature for safe and efficient servicing.

Nonetheless, the flexibility of the DPF servicing is worth highlighting, as it can be performed anywhere and at any time, accommodating the needs of the crew and the system’s requirements.

Thus, whether it’s a planned maintenance activity or an unforeseen situation, the DPF servicing can be conveniently carried out whenever necessary.

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