The lingering memory of black exhaust fumes trailing behind a pristine superyacht


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You can just picture it. A brand new superyacht embarking on its maiden voyage. Champagne still sparkling on the bow as it sets sail to its first destination, probably some idyllic island in the Caribbean.

The yacht slides into the water and starts moving away from its native shores. But as it slowly disappears from view, the people on the quay are left with a lingering memory of the odorous black exhaust fumes trailing behind the ship.

This is what happens when a ship is designed without modern aftertreatment systems. The rear exhaust pipe or stack pumps out a plume of smoke that can be seen for many miles.

Surrounded by soot?

The same goes for soot.

One of the joys of being on a yacht is walking barefoot on deck. Not only is it more comfortable, it also protects the deck from scratches. But it is far less appealing if the beautiful teak decking is littered with flakes of soot.

Of course, if the weather is warm enough, the prospect of an occasional dip may seem very inviting… until you discover that you are swimming in water laden with soot particles that stick to your skin and swimwear.

These scenarios may strike you as absurd. Yet many luxury yacht owners find themselves confronted with the situations described above. And not by chance. They failed to consider the need to treat exhaust fumes at the outset.

It then becomes increasingly difficult to do anything about it as the project progresses. The combustion engine that propels a ship emits nitrous oxide (NOx). This poisonous gas is not harmful to humans at normal environmental concentrations, but the soot particles generated by combustion processes can seriously diminish the quality of the shipowner’s experience.

For us, this is not a problem but a challenge

The thought of soot particles clinging to beautiful teak decking, invading the yacht’s interior, and settling in the water for swimming is not appealing to anyone. Nor is the smell of soot hovering over the water you were originally planning to take a dip in.

Enter the DFP soot filter system, which cleans the exhaust gasses produced by ship engines. NOx can be reduced to previously unseen levels by installing an SCR system with active catalytic components. At Emigreen®, we specialise and excel in applying our industry-leading integrated emission control solutions for new and existing ships and vessels.

The result? A much cleaner ship. No soot particles, no black smoke. Just a premium experience for premium clients.

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