First ultra-low emission vessel arrives in Belgium


Emigreen® is the proud supplier of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) system installed on the dredger Sanderus. Its advanced dual exhaust gas filter system will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality in the Flemish port region.

Built by maritime infrastructure service provider Jan De Nul Group, Sanderus is a trailing suction hopper dredger that will undertake maintenance dredging works in the Flemish sea ports. With a two-stage catalytic filter system on board, it is the first ultra-low emission vessel (ULEv) to arrive in Belgium.

Sanderus is the fourth ULEv produced by Jan De Nul launched within the past year. The vessel was built in Singapore and left the shipyard in January after successful offshore tests. Another three major vessels with the same ultra-low emission technology are under construction. For the next two years Sanderus will maintain the navigation depth in marine access channels to sea ports controlled by the Flemish government.

Focus on air quality

Without an aftertreatment system, an internal combustion engine produces exhaust emissions that pollute the environment, exacerbating climate change and reducing air quality. Air pollutants such as particulate matter are detrimental to human health and undermine the integrity of the living environment.

The ULEvs built by Jan De Nul Group will lead to a significant improvement in air quality. The vessels are equipped with a post-treatment catalytic converter that neutralises nitrogen oxides and a soot filter that effectively removes even the finest particles, reducing the greenhouse gases responsible for climate change.

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