Emigreen® aftertreatment systems achieve record lifespan


Emigreen®’s exhaust gas aftertreatment systems have broken all records. The system installed on the Dutch barge Anda recently passed the 30,000-hour mark – a historic achievement. Using the same innovative technology, Emigreen® has also developed and installed aftertreatment systems for customers in other sectors, consistently delivering unprecedented durability and performance. A pioneer in the Dutch and European markets, Emigreen® appears to be the only supplier who can effortlessly meet the new emissions standard requirement of 10,000 operating hours.

10 years ahead

For founder and engineer Niko Dalpis, the news comes as no surprise: “No matter whether they are used in shipping, energy production or industrial applications, our aftertreatment systems always deliver unprecedented performance. We know we are at the forefront of the market. We lead the way through continuous innovation. At Emigreen® we turn science into solutions. We have been doing this since the company was founded.”

Dalpis continues: “I am proud of the achievements and reliability of our aftertreatment systems. But I see room for improvement in the market. The new Euro emissions standard is a start, but it will not be in place until 2020. To be honest, we don’t really see 10,000 hours as a challenge. Many of our products have been running since 2005. So you could say we are 10 years ahead of the standard.”

Euro V emissions standard

The new European emissions standard for heavy-duty diesel engines, Euro V, sets strict requirements. As of 2020, all heavy-duty diesel engines must be equipped with aftertreatment systems, and performance must be guaranteed for 10,000 operating hours. Emigreen®’s innovative emission control technology is used in several sectors. Besides the Dutch barge Anda (2009), Emigreen®’s sustainable systems have also been installed on a range of vessels including a 60m Feadship (2010) as well as on a gas pump station installation (2012).

M/S Anda

The main engines of the Dutch barge Anda are equipped with an Emigreen® aftertreatment system. The unit includes a particulate filter, which removes particles from the exhaust gasses, and an SCR catalytic converter, which reduces NOx emissions by about 90%.

This ensures that the barge comfortably meets the most rigorous emission standards. The particulate filter and SCR catalytic converter are part of a sophisticated, high-performance aftertreatment system, which also meets the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate’s stringent ship noise requirements.

Jelle Westerhof is sales manager at Emigreen® and applies our industry-leading solutions to the projects of our clients. Feel free to reach out to Jelle for feedback on this article, for questions and for a free consultation.