Emigreen® aftertreatment systems achieve record lifespan


Emigreen®’s exhaust gas aftertreatment systems have broken all records. The system installed on the Dutch barge Anda recently passed the 30,000-hour mark – a historic achievement. Using the same innovative technology, Emigreen® has also developed and installed aftertreatment systems for customers in other sectors, consistently delivering unprecedented durability and performance. A pioneer in the Dutch […]

Halyard and Emigreen B.V. announce new collaboration at Monaco Yacht Show


As the superyacht industry gathers for Monaco Yacht Show 2015, world-leading marine exhaust system supplier Halyard and marine exhaust aftertreatment specialist Emigreen B.V. announce plans to collaborate on integrated selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel particulate filtration (DPF) solutions. By combining their areas of expertise, the companies will be able to improve the design and […]